Fragile Silence

Early morning
Little or no noise outside
Peace of mind
Let the moment remain in mind forever
Difficult to experience same moment through rest of the day.

(154 Characters incl spaces)



As night devours the day’s bright light
And bent, exhales the night,
Fine memories of those whom lived
Shall dance in dream’s fair sight.

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Time Unchanged

Celebrate a new day starting at sunset
Celebrate a new month at new moon
Celebrate a new year starting in spring
Celebrate time as it was in the beginning.

(155 Characters incl spaces)


Day Ends

day ends..
and so do we..
I exhale..
our last
shared breath…

(70 Characters incl spaces)


Power and Responsibility

Do what you want and as you like
At the end of the day always remember,
it’s you, you alone,
who is solely responsible for all that is going on in the present.

(159 characters incl. spaces)


Different From Routine

Experience a day out of work amidst nature and it’s surrounding
Feel the pulse of your life amongst lush green trees, green grass around and clear blue skies.

(158 characters incl. spaces)