I see a darkness
Hiding in the light
As I take a sip of my coffee
And a drag of my cigarette
I give it a nonchalant nod
Just so it doesn’t
Feel alone

(150 Characters incl spaces)


Shadow Woman

I ask her in the darkness
What is woman?
I have no map to this country,
Marked with the moon’s blood.
When you left, you took the compass with you.

(149 Characters incl spaces)


Darkness & Light

Since time’s beginning
In the land of forgotten illusion
An enigmatic portal stands
With a sense of
Between the parallel dimensions
& Light

(160 Characters incl spaces)



If I were a star
You would be why I shine
Because you wear darkness
Like a fine tuxedo
Just standing there
Holding the universe together

(136 Characters incl spaces)


Reverse polarity

It’s a tragedy
When you make friends with shadows
By switching your fears,
And turning hours of darkness
Into havens from the light

(131 Characters incl spaces)