Grange hall dance
boot heels
staccato echoes
on a wooden floor

(73 Characters incl spaces)




dancer coils arms
easily catching thunder
through the moving light

(82 Characters incl spaces)


The Dance

Gazing out my window
Wishing on that same star
Routinely asking for you
But my heart only sinks low
I wonder how far
I must go to do
The dance…

(146 Characters incl spaces)


Silent Dance

tiptoeing through the day
she went silently about her way
hearing notes from a long forgotten song
her feet silent her soul danced along

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Nature’s Cacophony

The chirping birds amongst the rustling leaves
The falling rain and the whistling wind
A magical beat all their own
Nature’s melody evergreen never worn

(154 Characters incl spaces)



She tiptoed through life
Till one day
A forgotten melody played, her anklets jingled
She danced and the world was her stage
and her life she scripted

(150 Characters incl spaces)



I see you dancing
to a thrumming bass

rhythm impressed
onto my chest

another night
without you

without you
another night

(126 Characters incl spaces)


Morning dancer

In a house for rent, mom’s morning dance after uncle… Verdigris of rain in her eyes, she gazed at the sixpence I gave to her; “I danced well,” she said puerile.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Dancing With Her

take her by the Hand
Hug Her
Laugh with Her
Tease Her
Dance with her
sprint with her
drink with her
Swing Her Around
Waltz With Her tonight
Waltz With Her

(155 Characters incl spaces)



take me
to the meadow
where wildflowers dance
and your smiling face
becomes the sun

(84 Characters incl spaces)