Coffee Filled Up

drinking Coffee Speaking Coffee Speak
don’t spill it she says
it’s hot she says
give me more
leave me to my coffee
suffer and more
hot or cold coffee
like hot

(158 Characters incl spaces)


Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

He brings the ritual cup,
A daily prayer against the cold.
She accepts his offering
Hands clasped in supplication
Guarding against the chill.

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A kiss
on glass
just lips
pressed on steam
A hint
of the inside.

We, the cold,
linger and

(98 characters incl. spaces)



December, alone by the river, cold.
Skin pores close as sun sets.
Funny how one’s heat
beckons another’s.
No, it’s sad…

(124 characters incl. spaces)


Snow Kiss

snow falling..
your warm mouth
on mine…

(64 characters incl. spaces)