Heavy Days

No more the sun
when dark clouds come
their sorrows fall as rain
and colour grey
a gloomy day
till sunshine comes again.

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With their heads in the clouds everyone’s dreaming
Those dreams turn into nightmares and now everybody is reeling
Say bye to fun and hello to that dark feeling

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Like a child…

The sun~ teasing from betwixt the clouds ~ playing with shadows ~ like a child ~ chasing a butterfly ~ into the night

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So She Wished

so she wished for
sweet dreams made of
ice cream castles
on cotton candy clouds
butterfly kisses
and George Clooney smiles

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Color Clouds

Clouds of mottled colors
Drifting merrily in the breeze
Tease you to reach out
Play #Holi as you please
Showering down the hues
With the contentment keys!

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