Tempus fugit

Time flies, Tick tock
But the clock, just ticks
Tick tick, No tock
Take stock
Broken clock
Time limps ?

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Tick tock, tick tock,
the hands move around
the face of the clock
tick tock, tick tock,
time to take stock.

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10 am

by shade locations,
& when sun becomes alarm clock

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Time Rhyme

Set to the beat of a pendulous song
A small hand & big hand tick along
Joined for a minute of each cycle’s block
Then part, left to #wait on the fate of a clock

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Yawning, I look up at the clock.
Ugh, twenty minutes left in class, I think.
This life I live is not my own
I’m just a puppet
for a degree mom wants
not me!

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