Stagnant stood the ripened fruit,
It’s fading flag afurl.
Strength within, grew suit anew.
All along was the girl.

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Twist or stick,
It’s that simple.
One call, one flick.
Reel into real unto the dimpled mist.
Fake control,
Cake reason.
Shake up.

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Word Choice

I can’t-
I don’t-
I’ll fail-
I won’t-
I’ll eschew negativity
for today, choosing
coupled with “someday”

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To miss the one who is your knight
On a path so lost but wont be told.
Illuminate abiding light
I want the track behind me, sold

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Water trickle, life alight
Shoulder load, wrong a right
Hold it down, snag a hitch
The choice is yours when life’s a bitch

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