When a nine year old
Cooks in your kitchen
And you write poetry
I look at her face
And discover a theme

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(160 Characters incl spaces)


My mod upbringing

on shingle,
pretending to be Jimmy,
in the town where the mods go
while dad pranced
and mum saved souls,
salt and seaweed made me.

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Dad and the third man

I could watch Orson Welles speak all night long,
and do, in those deep gravelly sketches I see my dad
and me and light on Harry Lime.

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one blue egg in
an abandoned
I stand in front of
my childhood home…

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The Future

Wearing the mask
Of childhoods past
The future is here
What you hold dear
Is not its concern
It comes to burn

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Do you remember
the garden of childhood
when the sun always shone,
the days were so long
& we thought Winter
would never come.

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when you’re a kid
everything is big
and new and full
of possibility
but then it slows
until nothing #moves
and who you are
is what you are
just slowly

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