second chances

Sunrise: the sky #transforms itself, and so must I;
Today will be the day.
Sunset: I am proven wrong again, but then-
Sunrise: perhaps second chances

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Stagnant stood the ripened fruit,
It’s fading flag afurl.
Strength within, grew suit anew.
All along was the girl.

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Dream of me
slow then quickly
soft glow
of a new day
another chance
to have me
once again
in your sights

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If only

Yesteryear, yestertime,
Present always in my mind,
A sleight of word, a pause too long,
Too late to right the life so wronged

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an errant
r changes

to infinity
n in never

a range of

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Do I?

Do I want to dance this dance
Do I want to fall under your trance
Do I want my rational & logic speared by your lance
Do I want to be a fool just for a chance?

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