The day remains

Something for sure
Something for certain
Definitely, something is there that needs to be ascertained
The day continues
The day goes on
The day remains.

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Opinions matter
Difference of opinion draws all attention
Finally in need of hour the mind looks out for something definite, concrete and certain
An anchor

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Be yourself

Just be yourself
Nothing else
Life is certian
Future uncertain
Present is what you have
Continue with same.

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A storm in a teacup

Changes take place
Change is certain
Changes happen
Change is inevitable
But, then that’s one the reason why present seems certain.

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Beyond Boundaries

Certainly there is something certain, which when ascertained will clear the waters with regards to how things will shape in future.
Never think of giving up.

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Taking the first step

Some of the things which now seem to be certain are some of those things which were once ascertained,
future remains uncertain and life continues.

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