the beats flow
in the #black night
moving in the glow
of myriad lights
lost in the rhythm
just feels so right

(109 characters incl. spaces)


He’s been everywhere

The man in #black
walked the line
& spent some time
in Folsom prison.

He fell into
a ring of fire.
The flames went higher
and it burned.

I bet that Hurt.

(155 characters incl. spaces)



Her heart #black with hate.
Fearful of losing something
When she has it all.

(78 characters incl. spaces)



A flash in the black
starwaves of
flittering light
Sirius,shining bright
sending me
signals of morse code
warning me of
the dog days
of Summer

(145 characters incl. spaces)



far above red turrets fury spewing lead
–far below splintered impact
red. red. red.
–lifeblood stains seeped to #black

(121 characters incl. spaces)



Red as a rose
orange is fruit
yellow the sun
green the grass suits
blue is the sky
indigo dyes
violets so sweet
black are your lies.

(132 characters incl. spaces)