Nature’s Cacophony

The chirping birds amongst the rustling leaves
The falling rain and the whistling wind
A magical beat all their own
Nature’s melody evergreen never worn

(154 Characters incl spaces)



birds repeat the sounds
wind wildly blankets through air
small creation gifts

(77 Characters incl spaces)



With little more than twigs & straw,
one bird can create a palace
that is safer than a million castles,

(104 Characters incl spaces)



Neighbor getting new gutters,
Worker discards robin’s nest
in their backyard.
Later I pick it up,
There is a hole in the bottom,
Oh good they escaped.

(150 characters incl. spaces)


English Spring

oak leaves unfurling
around a singing blackbird
while Elgar plays
in an English Spring…

(92 characters incl. spaces)