a hollowed space
above his collarbone..
where my chin fits
perfectly ..
and I become
part of him…

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It is an act of self-kindness,
To push back the
Throbbing boundaries of time
For a life spacious enough

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Between lost and becoming
Echo so intense
Meandering like shadows
Drifting dreamily towards
Old scenes
Old friends

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at the time of birth there was no more to become,
all that i became will erode away at death,
ready for rebirth

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What you’ve seen, what you’ve lived.
Things you haven’t done, things you did.
Who you’ve hurt, and who’s hurt thee.
That’s how you #become to be

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I spun a web about myself

I spun a web about myself
and dangle from the edge
there I slept and dreamt
of the thing I would become
I spun a web about myself
and am dreaming still, waiting

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