The Souls Cuddle

His hands held hers
Her soul cuddled his
She let his heart beat for her
He let her soul confide in his
Flames of love blazed up
Glorifying the beauty of purity.

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Darkest black hours
The beauty we feel
Imparted love.

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Genetic Code

Entwined by your beauty,
you spun around me,
the most exquisite design.

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The resigned bloom

The evening star provides illusions
Besotted lovers don’t pay attention
A resigned bloom
Revels in the beauty
Of its very last night

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through naked
eyes of dream
sleeping beauty
saw her prince

unshaven in a
stained t-shirt
swilling beer went
back to sleep

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The focal point of all
and the hub of attention.
To her, it’s commonplace;
it’s secondhand and threadbare.
But fully expected.

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I flatter her to some degree,
and I won’t be forgotten easily;
but, she’s too cautious to let me know.

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