Summer’s Good-bye

Fiery sunset surrenders
to cooler autumn evening,
salty breezes kiss my cheeks
whisper good-bye,
memories of summer
skip away on the warm sand.

(147 Characters incl spaces)


My mod upbringing

on shingle,
pretending to be Jimmy,
in the town where the mods go
while dad pranced
and mum saved souls,
salt and seaweed made me.

(133 characters incl. spaces)



I was listening to the whalebones,
trying to get me that slice of the pie.
Walking on the beach,
clam-searchin, the spending kind.

(132 characters incl. spaces)



Sand tickles
Water crashes
Wind sprints
atop my laid body
The angles of the wind
strike with a thickness
almost planar
Am I set on fire?

(136 characters incl. spaces)


Temporary on the beach

Etch my name in the sand
she said with a sigh
all golden as they stand
let gulls cry
and children play
then let the tide wash me away

(135 characters incl. spaces)



bright sun light
wind breezy
memories crash

surf along my
almost home
where nature

on quiet empty
streets waits
to move in

(124 characters incl. spaces)