Truth Always Triumphs

Bring to light the truth and facts hidden in dark, away from light
Time alone will tell who fought the battle and who won the race
Fortune favors the brave.

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The Battle Lines Are Drawn

In a battle between two, one will win and the other will lose
Something will go right, something wrong
Still never take anything for granted on it’s face value.

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When there’s nowhere left but hope
You leave for there by the train or boat.
Your life upon your back
You can’t avoid the flak.

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storm clouds gather
ready to fire..
looming grey battleships
breaking open the sky…

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Today i was brave
I picked my battle
And fought my enemy
With equanimity and blunt
I do not mind if slain
In my morrows
Today i was brave

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Today (rewritten)

Today i was brave
I picked my battle
fought my enemy
with equanimity
and simple intent
Gave no mind or fear
for the morrow’s rebuttle
as today i was brave

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The risk was reduced,
but we lost the battle-
Uphill and rainy
Under the light of emergency.
So lost.
Who let us go?

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Deer (haiku)

we happened on deer,
bucks in battle; antlers locked
in desperation

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