daybreak painting a tin star
autumn leaves and stepping stones
a long goodbye amid raindrops
not a single reason for sadness
drying my tears happy endings

(157 Characters incl spaces)


October Sun

the eyes closed, I am lying
on a bed of fallen leaves
I can smell the soil so close
& in the far, the scent of decay

(119 Characters incl spaces)


Summer’s Good-bye

Fiery sunset surrenders
to cooler autumn evening,
salty breezes kiss my cheeks
whisper good-bye,
memories of summer
skip away on the warm sand.

(147 Characters incl spaces)


Grey skies

As the summer’s light is bent,
And brushes autumn’s leaves,
Warm clouds turn dark and then relent
As rain drips from the eaves.

(128 Characters incl spaces)



The autumn leaves are falling
In slow motion
Their gracefulness
In passing
Caress my cheeks
Mother Earth…🍎

(133 Characters incl spaces)