Opinions matter
Difference of opinion draws all attention
Finally in need of hour the mind looks out for something definite, concrete and certain
An anchor

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Taking a plunge

The so many things that we know are the things that we always wanted to know
It is understanding self that draws all the attention before taking the final step.

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he loves puppies
vying for his attention
with new tricks they learn
I try to be a puppy but I can’t
I am a cat..always a cat

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Do not enter
if you can’t remain silent
This room is
heavy with the sounds
of my choices.

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A thing that separates past from the present is an uncertain future, which makes sure that more attention is paid to the present in the present moment of time.

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The focal point of all
and the hub of attention.
To her, it’s commonplace;
it’s secondhand and threadbare.
But fully expected.

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