The day remains

Something for sure
Something for certain
Definitely, something is there that needs to be ascertained
The day continues
The day goes on
The day remains.

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Beyond Boundaries

Certainly there is something certain, which when ascertained will clear the waters with regards to how things will shape in future.
Never think of giving up.

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Taking the first step

Some of the things which now seem to be certain are some of those things which were once ascertained,
future remains uncertain and life continues.

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Testing Time

Some of the things seem certain
Some of them uncertain
The rest ascertained
Still an anxiety remains
That’s because mistakes from past must not happen again.

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Pause For A While

Wait for a while
Wait for sometime
Wait till the next moment
When that happens, then the right moment can be ascertained, so as to decide what to do next.

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There is something that gets ascertained about future keeping in mind all that is going on in present
Change in direction leads to deviation and disturbance.

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