A well defined goal

Never wait for that moment in life when things will be alright
Overa period of time it will be realized that hope, ambition & expections are part of life.

(155 Characters incl spaces)


Mirage versus illusion

Desire & dreams
Passion & drive
Hope, imagination & ambition
Each and everything and all are part of life and continue to remain in life at some point in time.

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A desire to win the race

Obviously winning matters the most for each individual
The desire to win must be fueled by passion, drive, zeal and an ambition
After all winning is a habit.

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Other plans

her ambition revised
her ambition reviewed
her ambition rethought
her ambition reassessed
her ambition

(136 characters incl. spaces)


her aspiration

she was aspiring
(just like she was told),
yet, always another
bump in the road,
and no weeds grew.

(119 characters incl. spaces)

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