Invisible I stand before you
You don’t notice me
You don’t want to
The air I breathe is yours
Without it
I shall perish

(125 Characters incl spaces)



taste of my perspective
isn’t it selfish?
love heals all things, eventually
come swim on this wavelength
til we both perish
higher selves at highest heights

(157 characters incl. spaces)


Mother’s Day

May air is
lilac perfume
thousands of clustered buds
kites soaring with notes of sonatas
mother’s laughter with no edge

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Not For You

You can critique my mystique,
But don’t call me barbaric,
Because the air around me,
Doesn’t smell good to you,
It’s just esoteric.

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Lackawanna Two-Step

heels on the railroad
lean, lean until you can’t
forward, a displacement of air,
look back
there is no returning day

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