#smallstone – A Small Stone

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You may discover twitter micropoems labelled with the twitter hashtag #smallstone. This tag is used in relation to the website a smallstone. It has a public project called ‘a handful of stones’ by Fiona Robyn. Visit the site for more information.

Here are the latest smallstone micropoems live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #smallstone (some tweets below may not be poems)

Boxing試してる。 #BrassKnuckles がいい感じ。ただ中々出てこない。 シングルモードならチャット画面にコマンド入力して召喚できるけど、 マルチなら地面探して #SmallStone 握った方が早い。 #SCUMGAME @ScumGame pic.twitter.com/lwk9sRjDBt

young starlings trying on adult feathers- pose at the feeder (c) . #haiku #smallstone

long days of ripening hay and mellow evenings- when age doesn't matter (c) . #haiku #smallstone