#smallstone – A Small Stone

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You may discover twitter micropoems labelled with the twitter hashtag #smallstone. This tag is used in relation to the website a smallstone. It has a public project called ‘a handful of stones’ by Fiona Robyn. Visit the site for more information.

Here are the latest smallstone micropoems live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #smallstone (some tweets below may not be poems)

#smallstone I walk the beach as I always do. It is the same sand, the same vast view which I gaze upon. Only the dolphins, playing by the edge of the pier acknowledge the change, the sky is a different shade of blue.

#smallstone Time went out one evening, but forgot to close the door behind her.

El Nano Small Stone es el Phase Shifter Clasico de @EHX EHX con una expresiva calidad analógica que hemos escuchado en cientos de canciones a lo largo de los años. Mas información: bit.ly/3arpXkW #nanosmallstone #smallstone #ehx #electroharmonix pic.twitter.com/hoxCxocBYx

#smallstone Take tomorrow by the hand and show it the moon. Let it know that nothing goes to plan anyway. The silver dawn brings change. By day's end we're all someone else.

#smallstone Forget-me-nots We pull at weeds and watch the clouds, and the brain, like birdsong, comes and goes.

#smallstone They said how cute the penguins looked, waddling the corridors, peering through the glass at fish they would never be permitted to catch. Now we stare out of our windows at the world be cannot touch, and the pigeons watch us from the pavement.