To miss the one who is your knight
On a path so lost but wont be told.
Illuminate abiding light
I want the track behind me, sold

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OdeHere (46 Poems)

I'm English, a Northener, hailing from Liverpool and brought up in Wales. As a child, I spoke fluent Welsh. Welsh is a language that I can only describe as, 'painting pictures'. You don't literally say what you mean, but convey what you mean. I think that is why my poems use more imagery than you would at first suspect. I choose words and topics that the reader can personalise, that link to different arcs but only I know the original origin, journey and destination of each. We can all see our own stories in the words of others, you just have to use your imagination. It's all about connection. There is no wrong definition of a poem. I love how the combination of some words can evoke feelings and trigger thoughts you believed to be long gone. My poems are meant to be read aloud. I hope you read them aloud to yourself and to others to feel the sound of them. I am happy for all to retweet and share my poetry but ALWAYS WITH CREDIT but feel the need to say I retain copyright! I hope they bring a little light into your life. Jane

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