He speaks words I have in my head
and my anger and envy start;
He steals my thunder instead
When he tried to break my heart.

(124 Characters incl spaces)


Winter Love

Thick honey
Peyote Queen
Lightning without distortion

Blue sky
Black star
Here comes winter
Gently weeping

Into the ocean
Calling you


(160 Characters incl spaces)



In the outer world you have…. Discoverd atoms and sub-atomic particles,
Explored space and the galaxies,
But remained stranger to thyself as looked inside.

(158 Characters incl spaces)


0 and 1

The #divide between
void and mater is the expanse
traveling from 0 to 1,
death and birth,
nothing and something,
a lock and key,
will it open?

(146 Characters incl spaces)



A kiss at the end of his txt.
Her heart stuttered
and swelled.
She took it
Held it close.
Warm, against her heart x

(116 Characters incl spaces)


Do I know you?

Do I know you?
You frown, she smiled
You’re silent, she chattered
You’re distant, she was a part of me
I do not know you

(134 Characters incl spaces)