Grange hall dance
boot heels
staccato echoes
on a wooden floor

(73 Characters incl spaces)


The night continues

Nothing else comes to mind
Absolutely nothing

Even the moon in the sky can be seen clearly
Time flies
Night continues

Worries and expectations remain in mind like prior.

(171 Characters incl spaces)



As dawn broke,
came a dragonfly
to sit on my window sill
Change is come,
or more rain to fall, still?

(112 Characters incl spaces)



Bloodstained words
Drift on a crinkly page,
Conjuring up a narrative
Of wars and romance.

(89 Characters incl spaces)



My heartache,
Will never let me scape
From this decision to take,
About this love too fake

(92 Characters incl spaces)



A strong passion
of a lonely heart
never postpone
cause it lives higher
and without depression

(94 Characters incl spaces)


the Maya

One slip of the tongue
and the spirit will wane;
the Maya spoke of this, too. . .

Each symbol flows in unison,
awakening me harshly

(132 Characters incl spaces)