Guilty pleasure

Feeling a heartfelt sincere guilt
is slowly eating you away
till there’s only a fragment
left of yourself
How could that be fun?

(129 Characters incl spaces)


on the 18:36

a crisp packet lies Seasalt
and empty on the table
open, like a basking-shark, its jaws
swallowing, silver-dark the corner
of my Smoky Bacon

(140 Characters incl spaces)


Mindless Feelings

Purple clouds pulse passionately,
Frothing , unfixed form.
fashioning grande visions of ominous glory,
and traveling textures
Over mono chrome,

(143 Characters incl spaces)


Flooding River

Slow and serpentine
The river knows its place.
But now the rains come
And the river shows no respect.

(101 Characters incl spaces)


It is as it is

It always was so
She had never known tho
And then when it all finally fell apart
She realized her heart had known from the start

(130 Characters incl spaces)