Be With Me

Be with me.
I’m all alone.
Nobody to visit.
Nobody to phone.

Whether old
or sick
or crippled
or slow
people don’t visit.
They don’t want to know.

(146 Characters incl spaces)



as the breeze
picks up
I pull the sky
scented sheet
up over us
our hearts and
windows open

(92 Characters incl spaces)


Minutes to Write

Grabbing five minutes
Grabbing ten this time
Okay going for fifteen minutes
Dam, words flow so easy
When time passes by

(121 Characters incl spaces)


Be yourself

Just be yourself
Nothing else
Life is certian
Future uncertain
Present is what you have
Continue with same.

(107 Characters incl spaces)


eternal rest

eternal rest

even death’s laughter
makes me scribble these poems
before my last breath

(95 Characters incl spaces)


A welcome change

As & when things seem to be right
Everything in it’s place
There’s a reason to smile
Since future seems bright
Life seems better.

(129 Characters incl spaces)


A storm in a teacup

Changes take place
Change is certain
Changes happen
Change is inevitable
But, then that’s one the reason why present seems certain.

(131 Characters incl spaces)