a #step is a step
is a word is a word,
until suddenly like stout Cortez above Darien,
in front of you is the entire world

(123 Characters incl spaces)


We hurry…

Through afternoons of
Going home across moist
blackness. This day finished.
Another piece of the puzzle gone.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



daybreak painting a tin star
autumn leaves and stepping stones
a long goodbye amid raindrops
not a single reason for sadness
drying my tears happy endings

(157 Characters incl spaces)


Ticktock Goes The Clock

The clock of life ‘ticktocks’ quickly like silver lightening!
It’s moving hands never stand still as I watch the day slipping into the night.
Stealing hours, minutes and seconds of precious life moments,
Before the clock’s chimes STRIKE an end to the day!

(255 Characters incl spaces)


Kids Without a Care

for being for living
skateboarding in a building
blocking a car
going far
having a drink
not old enough
do they care
do they mind
who are they

(147 Characters incl spaces)


Pieces of Me

Mystified, I sit
surrounded by torn pieces –
Mind in disarray

(64 Characters incl spaces)


(116 Characters incl spaces)


You’re So Vain..You Probably Think This Poem is About You

Spotlight dreams of self-indulgence,
Favorite stories your musing thoughts
Sounds the heartbeat, “I’M ALL GLORY!”
Everyone’s win of a mortal BEAST!
Flattering caresses feed your ego,
Vain words make you gloat.
Endearing blandishments you profess,
Bleeds the heart, dims..the rest…

(283 Characters incl spaces)


(336 Characters incl spaces)


(389 Characters incl spaces)