the magnificent holy knot
I wish I could be that lucky lad
no I’m not
destiny has so much for me
that too but you….!!!-28.11.2016

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Release Me

Close your eyes
Release me as though I could fly away.
As though the birds could come back,
The black would become white and I the colors of the rainbow.
Release that into your wind as breath.

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My Reality

A craggy knoll, a rocky road
Stumbling, lost, doubtful, scared
These are my thoughts
So this is my reality

Bright summit, a journey
Striding, hopeful, positive, brave
These are my thoughts
So THIS is my reality

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Two Souls

Two souls fighting
Something tore us apart
We know we are one
We share the same heart
The same words
the same thoughts
They split us apart
So we fought
To get back together
We tug and we tug
The closest we get
Is this kiss and this hug

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