Life’s shell

I walk a path where souls once walked
in hand and beauty’s light.
Where winds whisper their gentle hush,
Closer, yet torn from sight.

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Summer’s Good-bye

Fiery sunset surrenders
to cooler autumn evening,
salty breezes kiss my cheeks
whisper good-bye,
memories of summer
skip away on the warm sand.

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Whether it’s pebble or stone
Does it matter

One by one
One at a time
Picked up and thrown at the water in the lake

Pebble or stone
One by one
One at a time.

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Starry Night

Starry night
into Deep Black
No planets sighted
No turning back
Worm hole ahead
No error allowed
Into its middle
Or we get plowed

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Your words of love
Shine like diamonds
Across the scorching sands
A rare collection
For which I thirst
For which I crave

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United We Stand

One by one each one of you needs to understand and also realize that everyone of you belongs to the team
It’s always team effort that will make us win the game.

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