Desire fades away

Dreams and desire
Somewhere there is also a figment of an imagination
Everything seems like an illusion
Time flies
Desire fades away
Memories remain

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v a l u e s

i would rather walk this world alone then with people who value our friendship.

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They were girls
When they fall in love
By the time they became beautiful ladies
Now-a-days I seldom write

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Myself and others

Walking in winter is a struggle
for #myself and others. Our
legs creak in concert with old
oak branches, we squint
when snow pack thaws to fog.
Winter taunts us. Spring is
just another season.

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Hope remains in existence

There is always a way out to present with regards to how things shape in future
The light we see around us has got a reason
Hope remains
Time flies
Life continues to present moment in mind.

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Leave me be, please..

And I watch everything which surrounds me
and suddenly everything resembles to you
It hurts to see
because you’re everywhere
from the mountains, to the sea.

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