A Flight of Imagination

At the spur of moment something comes to mind,
over a period of time this something is linked to imagination.
Imagination has got a place & space in one’s life.

(160 Characters incl spaces)



Sometimes I feel just like an unwanted child that has no place to belong, wondering around endlessly searching for love and try’n to right’n my wrongs!

(151 Characters incl spaces)


Next Day

Out of all the things that happened in a day,

the words she’d love to utter would be

“See you again, (my) sunshine.”

(120 Characters incl spaces)


Beyond Boundaries

Certainly there is something certain, which when ascertained will clear the waters with regards to how things will shape in future.
Never think of giving up.

(157 Characters incl spaces)



In the early morning light,
everything looks black and white.
Time draws forth true colors.

(132 Characters incl spaces)


Tea Cup of Stars

I love you like a tea cup full of stars
As we stand under the apple tree
I look up
And realize I could love you a little more

(127 Characters incl spaces)