Later on, it was realized love is the only thing that remains in life all the time
Odds and opportunity are part of life
Will remain in life

(140 Characters incl spaces)


(bitter)sweet poison

sweet poison rushed through our veins
we were greater than all the gods
danced through the Milky Way
towards infinity and wrote holy kisses
into the universe of our artificial paradises

(185 Characters incl spaces)



Dream is………..

Unconscious fantasy and phantom,
Wakeful vision to touch the horizon,
Ongoing drama of life and death……

Within the realm of Conscious self.

(166 Characters incl spaces)


Shattered Futures

Walking through a
landscape of shattered futures.
The broken worlds
reflected in a mirror of time
Shards of unreality
built from the remnants of unlived potential

(162 Characters incl spaces)



Dreams & desire
An uncertain future
An experience from past haunts again in present
Hope gets rekindled in present

(114 Characters incl spaces)