#NaHaiWriMo – National Haiku Writing Month

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You will sometimes find haiku poems on twitter appended with the twitter hashtag #nahaiwrimo. The ‘nahaiwrimo’ tag stands for National Haiku Writing Month. This is an ongoing twitter hashtag game that begun in February sometime and continued. Here’s how they explain it on their website…

‘Write one haiku a day for the month of February! Why February? Because it’s the shortest month—for the world’s shortest genre of poetry. Join poets around the world who pledge to write at least one haiku a day for National Haiku Writing Month during the shortest month of the year. Or write haiku every day of every month, all year round, on the NaHaiWriMo site on Facebook, with daily writing prompts to inspire you.’

Visit their site to find out more.

Here are the latest ‘nahaiwrimo’ micro prose and fiction live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #nahaiwrimo (some tweets below may not be poems)

ascending the hydrangea throne a monarch butterfly #haiku #nahaiwrimo

windless night -- a smudge with wings where the mosquito was #haiku #nahaiwrimo

summer haze -- the river flows through it #haiku #nahaiwrimo

my favorite perfume the wind in her hair #haiku #nahaiwrimo

a future headline: the call of a mockingbird in the burning sky #haiku #nahaiwrimo

short night -- a songbird turns off my alarm #haiku #nahaiwrimo