Micropoetry, Microfiction and Microprose Links


Writing within the constraints of 140/160 characters is challenging. As inspiration I’ve started to collect links to other websites and projects that, like Micropoetry.com, are using the limited writing space provided by Twitter and mobile phone SMS in a creative way. The sites listed below, besides my personal websites, are mostly focused on micropoetry/ writing. If you know of another site, project or blog that focuses on micropoems/ literature please contact me and I’ll add it here! NOTE: I also link to twitter micropoets here.


Twitter Micropoets

An internal link to start with. There are hundreds, if not thousands of micropoets on twitter. So I’ve created a special page on Micropoetry.com to link to ALL micropoets we can find.

The Morning Porch – morningporch.com

Daily updates on the view and soundscape from my front porch, first thing in the morning. I don’t call this poetry, simply writing as well as I can.

A gnarled oak | where birds turn into word – gnarledoak.org

This site is about paying close attention to the world around and writing from those moments. What you’ll find here are short observational poem-things about nature. Mostly. Sometimes haiku, often not.

Coyote Sing – coyotesings.weebly.com

I love the idea of poetry on Twitter, and see micropoetry as a rebirth of the older Japanese poetry, such as haiku, senryu, and tanka.

Jars of Stars – jarsofstars.wordpress.com

Micropoetry on Twitter is not a journal of poetry, but a living, running stream of words that appear, change, then disappear daily. Put your jars in the stream, and before you know it, you will have your own jars of stars. Namasté.

Bayou Summer – bayousummer.blogspot.co.uk

I love the idea of poetry on Twitter, and see micropoetry as a rebirth of the older Japanese poetry, such as haiku, senryu, and tanka.

Micropoetry by The Poetic Fool – poeticfool.com/category/micropoetry

Micropoems wrtten by Richard Jones, the poetic fool. Poetry from the common man… by the common man.

Beachcombing for the Landlocked – thefragmentworks.blogspot.com

Mark Holloway Working gardener and writer of small things haiku(ec)centric. When the coast is too far away…each day, small moments may glint and catch your eye like shells and pebbles, sea glass and driftwood … a few words is enough.

Twitter Poems by Boinkaz – iboinkaz.wordpress.com/twitter-poems

A collection of micropoetry from the poet Boinkaz, twitter page @Bonikaz

A Handful of Stones – ahandfulofstones.com

A small stone is a very short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. A polished moment ,from a different author every day

The Other Shoewhiprwill.wordpress.com

The Other Shoe is devoted to haibun. Roger Jones teaches creative writing at Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.

Red Candlescalifraction.wordpress.com

Red Candles is a tanka journal kept by Roger Jones.

Words Served Up Softly – wordsservedupsoftly.tumblr.com

My favourite things. And, words I whisper in my garden to the flowers, birds and bees, and to the occasional angel passing through.

Monostich Poet – monostichpoet.blogspot.com

Grant Hackett – Poet of one line poems

Annie’s Texas Musings – Micropoetry – anniestexasmusings.com

Micropoetry from Annie Texas.

Haiku Study – haikustudy.wordpress.com

Haiku and short verse by K. Brobeck

A Wish For The Sky… – tina.mnnguyen.com

Haiku, tanka, and other short form poetry by Christina Nguyen

Micropoems – micropoems.com

Love , life and humanity in 140 characters

Twitery Twiterature Tweets – twitery.wordpress.com

Twitery, poetry, on the go, twiterature, dark thoughts and rhythms, twitery rhyme all the time, zombie, hooked on haiku. Tweeted on the go by @ChrisTwitery

Uut Poetry – Microdreams Micropoetry – uutpoetry.tumblr.com

A personal blog posing as a poetry magazine. Microdreams are tiny surreal poems that combine disruptive transfusions in syntax with imagistic juxtaposition. Poems are also posted on microdreams twitter page.

Nybill’s Micropoetry – identi.ca/nybill

A link to Micropoetry form Nybill at indenti.ca

Haikyu – Haiku Poems – haikyu.com

Haiku are the most fun and poetic way of commenting on life. Turn a mundane statement into an expression of beauty for the ages.

Haiku Diem – One New Haiku a Day – www.haikudiem.com/blog

Welcome to Haiku Diem, where I’ve been posting one new haiku every day since July 9th, 2010!

Colin Lichen – Repetitive Hair Disorderrhd12.wordpress.com

A selection of micropoetry from Colin Lichen.

Morden Haiku – mordenhaikupoetry.blogspot.com
Morden Haiku has been shortlisted as one of three blogs in the “Best Writing on a Blog” category in the Wales Blog Awards.

Margaret’s Haiku Blog – Writing Meditation – margaretshaiku.wordpress.com

Software engineer, writer of haiku, friend, thinker and meditator

Gennepher’s Haiga – gennepher-haiga.blogspot.com

I write haiku, gogyohka, and micropoetry. My poetry is posted on twitter under @gennepher

Four and Twenty – 4and20poetry.com

Online poetry journal that publishes the shortest of short form poetry.  All poems must be four lines or fewer in length and contain no more than twenty words (hence, Four and Twenty).

Hut of Yupi – hut-of-y.blogspot.com
Welcome to my hut! Here, I gather my short poems and pictures.

Paper Moon – tanka-papermoon.blogspot.com

For me these short poems have the ability to capture something of the essence that lies at the very heart of life in a way that is at once personal and universal.

Happy Daze – haprochelle.blogspot.co.uk

Prose, haiku and micropoetry by haprochelle

Politiku – Trending Political Topics in 17 Syllables – politiku.tumblr.com

The mission of Politiku is to elucidate political opinions, ideas and experiences in a way that is concise without sacrificing  complexity.

Monostich – A Blog For 1-Line Ku – monostich.blogspot.com

A place to show and develop the so-called monostich haiku or the 1-line haiku. Many Western poets writing haiku, senryu and related short form poetry writes monostichs from time to time.

Open Micro – openmicro.org

Old blog showcasing the most striking short(est)-form poetry on the net, lyrical in 140 characters or less. Seems inactive at the moment.


Old micropoetry site that seems inactive at the mo, but contains some great poetry.

Haiku-Bing – haiku-bing.blogspot.com

Your daily dose of profound words and panoramic images in one serving.

Micropoetry Twibe – twibes.com/group/micropoetry

A concise poetry group on twibes.com. Lists over 100 Micro Poets

TwiHaiku – makeliterature.com/twihaiku/twitter-poetry

TwiHaiku – Twitter Poetry, is a free Twitter application that lets you share your thoughts, feelings, views or ideas about anything in a poetic manner.

My Own Six Words – myownsixwords.com

My own six words – Micropoetry on life, love, and people. You have six words and only six words. Show us what you’ve got.

HaikuBuds – haikubuds.com
haiku, photography, haiga, art-haiku, photo-haiku, poetry, prose

tinywords: haiku & other small poems – tinywords.com

Publishes just one new haiku every day on the web and via e-mail. You can even receive your daily haiku by short message service (SMS) or text paging

Haiku a Day by April J.E. Gilliland – apriljegilliland.blogspot.com

April J.E. Gilliland started her career as a lawyer in Victoria, BC. She is now an artist and writer. Visit her blog of daily Haiku poetry.

Smallpoems by Sbpoet – smallpoems.sbpoet.net

Some are possibly haiku, all are certainly small!

Katie Keys: tinylittlepoems – facebook.com/tinylittlepoems

30-something non-Indigenous Aussie Brit tweeting one tiny little poem each day.

100 Little Twitter Poems – squidoo.com/100-little-twitter-poems

This site is home to 100 of my little twitter poems, some new and some from favorites.


Nanoism – nanoism.com

Nanoism (edited by Ben White) is an online publication for twitter-fiction: stories of up to 140 characters. Shorter than traditional flash fiction, it’s both a challenge to write and quick as a blink to read. Call it nanofiction, microfiction, twiction, twisters, or tweetfic—it doesn’t matter: It’s the perfect art form for the bleeding edge of the internet revolution.

One Forty Fiction – onefortyfiction.com

The name “one forty fiction” refers to the 140-character limit imposed on users by the online service Twitter. This site is dedicated to fiction. Not poetry, but fiction. Stories told with beginnings, middles, and ends, and characters who want things.

3ournal- 3ournal.blogspot.com

3OURNAL is a 140 character micro-journal entry comprising 3 occurrences or observations. This blog is home to the daily 3ournal entries of 3ournal founder, Liam Wilkinson. Tweet with hashtag #3ournal and, hey presto, you’re a 3ournalist too.

Danny Poet – Microfiction Writer- dannypoet.wordpress.com

Danny is a writer of fiction and poetry, and has spent some time writing twitter microstories back in 2009. He took some time off to complete a novella and has recently returned to writing Twitter Fiction and Poetry.

Twitter Fiction – The Guardian – theguardian.com/books/series/twitter-fiction

Top writers try their hand at writing a story with only Twitter’s 140-character limit to play with. Authors include Francesca Simon, Charlotte Mendelson, Katie Price, Deborah Moggach, Mark Haddon, Nicci French, Damian Barr, Philippa Gregory, and Jenny Colgan.

#Liblit – Liberate Your Literature – wordswendt.com/liblit.aspx

Liberate your literature! Write a short story (or poem) based on the prompt of the day. For an additional challenge, include today’s bonus word. Your piece can be of any length — from micro-fiction to the start of a novel. All genres are welcome. If you want to share your story with other participants (and the rest of the world) via Twitter, please use the hashtag #liblit. If you’d rather keep it to yourself, that’s fine, too!

The Sound of Splinters – soundofsplinters.blogspot.com

A virtual place to mount all the little thoughts we lose – the ideas, the promises, the doodles. The things that break apart and the insistent pieces that wedge under our skin.

Tiny Fiction – Bite Sized Fiction – tiny-fiction.com/TwitterFiction.htm

Can it be true? Can you really create a work of fiction in a 140 character burst?
Judge for yourself! Read the short stories on this page and see how much fiction can be packed into such a tiny space. Each of these fictional pieces is a self-contained story..

Six-Word Memoirs – smithmag.net

Six-Word Memoirs© and a vibrant community of storytellers. Explore story projects, write your story & share it with friends.

Lilliput Tales

The shorter a story is, the crisper it has to be. Rachel Ann Horatia is addicted to writing very short fiction and has been building up a collection of 140-character stories on Twitter.

6 Words Minneapolis – 6wordsmpls.com

An ongoing public art project that asks Minneapolis residents of all ages, neighborhoods, and languages to tell their life stories–or something essential about who they are right now–in 6-word memoir form.

By The Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree – bythewobblydumdumtree.wordpress.com

Building a Cairn of “Small Stones” and other random musings

A Small Stone – asmallstone.com

…picked up on a long walk and carried home in your pocket

Dragonscale Clippings – dragonscaleleggings.blogspot.com

Freya’s first published book is Dragonscale Leggings. What comes next? Well, dragonscale clippings obviously – musings as she seeks to write other tales.

Feathers – triflings.wordpress.com

micropoetry and tinyprose by angie werren

Six Word Stories – sixwordstories.net

This is a collection of short short stories consisting of just six words. It was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous challenge.

Your awful dates, in 140 characters

I was walking through Clapham on Tuesday evening. A pub near the common reminded me of a bad date I went on. I tweeted about it. This is what ensued… Send your tweets to @firstdatehell

Six Word Tales – sixwordtales.com

Microfiction by Stiles White. Old blog that currently seems inactive.


The Darkening Tide

A Collection of Tanka by Liam Wilkinson. E-Book Edition Published by 3LIGHTS.

Tinywords Ebooks:  Issue 10.1 | Issue 10.2 | Issue 10.3

Our goal is to publish excellent poetry whose ambitions and effects far outstrip its small size.

Poetry Nook Magazine

Poetry Nook Magazine is a monthly journal seeking to promote poetry as a social form, something that people can exchange between each other to share the events and observations in their lives and hold a back-and-forth conversation inspired by each others’ ideas. As such, we encourage both individual poems that will inspire people to understand themselves and the world better and linked poems that illustrate a conversation between two or more poets, such as linked haiku, tanka, or other micropoetry (provided all parties give permission to include their work).

Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty: A Journey in Poetry and Micropoetry by Tracy Meyerhofer

“It is challenging to convey an emotion, or an entire short story, in a small space. It is similar to a photo snapshot or a moment in time. Micropoetry is quick, gets to the point, and does not take a huge chunk of time to enjoy. It is a small bite to savor. It deserves to be recognized as a subcategory of poetry, and should be celebrated for its own nuances and quirks.”
by Tracy Meyerhofer


My personal websites, not all about poetry but still may be of interest :-)

Tubemapper: Photography near London Tube lines & stations

Tubemapper invites you to explore photography of landscapes & landmarks near London Tube lines & stations. Photos by Luke Agbaimoni. Prints on request.

Txt2nite – Funny Text Messages

The site that started my sms and poetry obsession, although very different from this website. Txt2nite is a large collection of short jokes, wise quotes & love poems perfect for sharing via text message or social networks. There’s info on txt slang, smileys, history of SMS & even a FREE iPhone App.

Luke Agbaimoni Portfolio

Web portfolio shoowcasing my art, photographic and various other projects.

London Docklands Photography

Photography of the London Docklands by Luke Agbaimoni. Use the interactive Thames Map, read the history of each dock and discover the local attractions.