#Micropoetry, #micropoem, #mp and #mpy twitter hashtags

Micropoetry | Haiku | Gogyohka | Tanka | Senryu | Twaiku | 1-6 lines | 3-10 words

Micropoetry is a collective term for a variety of different forms/styles of very short poems. As a poetic artform, it doesn’t really have any rules. Although it does consists of other forms of micro poetry with fixed rules such as haiku, tanka, senryu and gogyohka.

Although not set in stone, the general consensus for naming tiny poems on twitter seems to be the hashtag #micropoetry. But with the140 character limit, this hashtag can often be too long to append to certain poems. This is why many micropoets use shorter versions of this tag such as #mpy and #mp.

There are of course other often used microoetry hashtag variants such as #poetweet and #tweetpoem. I’ve tried to cover most of these in the extensive micropoetry hashtag guide.

Here are the latest micropoems with these twitter hashtags: #mp,#mpy, #micropoem, #micropoetry.

Oh my #existential walks with hearty pen in hand all that keeps me sane and somehow here #mpy @Dictionarycom #wotd

Etsimme IT-asiantuntijaa ja tiiminvetäjää Kouvolaan vakituisiin työsuhteisiin! Tutustu tehtäviin ja hae osaksi huippujengiämme! #rekry #avointyöpaikka #mpy mpy.smh.re/2pQ

Etsimme kokenutta asiantuntijaa vakituiseen työsuhteeseen työskentelemään MPY:n hybridi- ja pilvipalveluiden parissa. Sijainniksi voit valita toimipisteistämme sinulle sopivimman. Tutustu tehtävään ja hae! #mpy #avointyöpaikka #rekry mpy.smh.re/2pN

Etsimme asiantuntijaa MPY:n tietoliikenneratkaisujen ylläpitoon, kehitykseen sekä asiakasprojekteihin. Työsi sijainniksi voit valita itsellesi sopivimman. Lue lisää ja hae! #mpy #rekry #avointyöpaikka mpy.smh.re/2pK

Omen ... How many hours are left in me a tolling chest of breathing a clock of ribs left ticking on in bird-less doors where reason purports to chime predictable but death it cookoos strong is faith the space within our hearts where timelessness allows? .. #vss365 #poem #mpy

RT Eve_Castle: don't weep, insects - lovers, stars themselves, must part -Kobayashi Issa #haiku #mpy