What is a Haiku?

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Previously called hokku, haiku [pronounced: high-koo], was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of the 19th century. A Haiku poem is usually 17 syllables or less, and can be divided into three groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. A haiku traditionally contains a kigo, a defined word or phrase that symbolizes or implies the season of the poem. More info at Haiku for People

Here are the latest haiku micropoems live from twitter, (a few poems may be in Japanese).Twitter hashtag: #haiku

breeze almost as if nonsense straw nest the holler nonsense i could eat #haiku

Woke up in the noon Felt blue, went behind the house Two dots on the wall #haiku #mood

empty tin can not worth a penny the cold mattress #haiku #senryu #micropoetry

4:55 pm I made a mistake Realised that all hope is gone And now moving on #haiku

鬼赤く戰争はまだつづくなり 三橋敏雄『眞神』 #jhaiku #haiku

She run on and then Went off with them. Oh he's sly I reckon so M. #LiteraVerse #Haiku #HuckleBerryFinn

This was the poem, written in 2016 (formally, it's a #tanka not a #haiku) the thing with #prayer is not how to pray but how we can never stop each breath, each heartbeat part of dialogue with the #divine

I sometimes use my old poems as meditation prompts. Meditating about an old #haiku this morning, I decided I didn't I put my finger on exactly what I meant, or maybe my understanding of what #prayer is has grown a bit.

. HAIKU about self-medication I empathize with ("avec") those who use street drugs to cope with rough pain I like weed/caffeine; I've never used heroin or cocaine. What else? Opium tea? Yum! I've enjoyed that a few times. Mostly, I love pot. #poetry #Haiku #marijuana

手紙には愛あふれたりその愛は消印の日のそのときの愛 俵万智さん #haiku #followmeJP #sougofollow

Haiku 17: Schöne heile Welt! Beim Blick vom Elfenbeinturm sieht alles gut aus. #haiku #lyrik

golden twilight paint ash in a shadow mad hats ferns unfurling steak #haiku

@ongerijmd Wenkbrauwen ophaalt Waar is die hashtag Jeroen? #haiku moet het zijn