What is a Haiku?

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Previously called hokku, haiku [pronounced: high-koo], was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of the 19th century. A Haiku poem is usually 17 syllables or less, and can be divided into three groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. A haiku traditionally contains a kigo, a defined word or phrase that symbolizes or implies the season of the poem. More info at Haiku for People

Here are the latest haiku micropoems live from twitter, (a few poems may be in Japanese).Twitter hashtag: #haiku

Danger threatens close Water lapping at the edge Reinforce the walls #Compassion #Haiku #micropoetry amzn.to/2L3RFZ8

免罪符焚き火にくべて夜を生く #haiku

winter river Tennessee is whiter than ancient times #haiku #haikuchallenge #micropoetry #kigo

A cautious baboon Daily tries to trot within The Russian lemming #Haiku

“Stop eating junk food.” I looked at that prick and said, “That’s nacho problem.” #haiku #ThingsThatAreBadForYourHealth

@LaraO25 escribió un #Haiku inesperado🌸: Bueno, yo creo\ que esas personas, no\ saben hablar! twitter.com/LaraO25/status…

襟首に灰雪滑り明日もまた #haiku

without sour notes of plutonian haze of dawn fresh cut grass wet leaves #haiku

fog my death in the knee vernal wine grass #haiku #micropoetry

侘助のごとく終わった夢ひとつ #haiku