What is Gogyohka?

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Gogyohka, (pronounced go-gee-yoh-kuh), was created by Enta Kusakabe in Japan. Gogyohka literally translates as “five-line poem” or “song”. It is the latest development of the great Japanese tradition of short verse, but unlike its predecessors Haiku and Tanka, it has no fixed syllable pattern. There are also no conventions governing content and no assumptions about what is considered to be appropriately “poetic” language. Indeed Gogyohka’s accessibility and its power to speak directly to the heart and mind stem from the simplicity of its form, its frequent use of the everyday vernacular and the unwritten rule that almost any subject matter is game. More info at Gogyohka Junction. Also there is a twitter group that uses the hashtash Gpoem or 5poem for a special Gogyohka word prompt game.

Here are the latest gogyokha micropoems live from twitter, (a few poems may be in Japanese).Twitter hashtag: #gogyohka. Also check out  #gpoem (by Tina Nguyen)

【Kindle】'Gogyohka Five-Line Poetry' This is an English booklet to introduce 'Gogyohka' for the first time. amzn.to/2tHjb90 #gogyohka

#tanka #gogyohka in those two years before mama's death wondering what it means to be Catholic— munching on graham crackers

#tanka #gogyohka holding in my chest a burning fire for senryu and gogyohka ... this afternoon skipping down the street whistling

#tanka #gogyohka i am a black man... committing to memory an autumn-colored ocean and the memory of passionate lovemaking

#tanka #gogyohka dreaming of a magic mirror that would show the future wondering if i would even look into it— a passing night train

#tanka #gogyohka all of my summer sulking put away and i begin coming alive in the richness of Autumn just like sweet, thick maple syrup

#tanka #gogyohka tonight drinking in the rich color of the lavender roses that make up mama's funerary wreath

#tanka #gogyohka i want the same pride that rich soil has in defiantly remaining blackity, black-black each and every day

#tanka #gogyohka i deeply desire to bloom just like rouge camellias that insist on being proudly red

#tanka #gogyohka the invisible doors of darkness in front of me pushing them open in comes the Hunter's moon

#tanka #gogyohka being very melodramatic id like to wrap my nakedness in a shawl of dense fog... this year ill take off the heavy gown of limitation

#tanka #gogyohka in the sleepy village of Lichtenstein... the passion of this dream causing me to bathe in noontime tepid water

#tanka #gogyohka putting aside thoughts of Sabbath prayers i read a few of Rumi's couplets... i am very melodramatic

#tanak #gogyohka sometimes i do feel naked walking these avenues and thin streets of this gogyohka world

#tanka #gogyohka warmed by the bright noonday sun only thing im missing is walking hand in hand with the dude i love

#tanka #gogyohka image of mama's roses blooming in deep lavender like they were painted in the color of sorrow... i really, really miss her

#tanka #gogyohka not once today have i looked up into the sky to see clouds going their way with intent

#tanka #gogyohka sitting in front of a night computer at day's end... my body aching from aerobics

#tanka #gogyohka chill in the air again this Sabbath eve juggling the sacred with my craving for the touch of a passionate man

#tanka #gogyohka in this quiet town i am a man in love with the blues i walk along the curve of red sound

#tanka #gogyohka white lilies are nice but i am a man that enjoys the brilliant red of azaleas, dahlias and even sunflowers

#tanka #gogyohka October's Child... i live for Autumn the cold chill in tonight's air a hymn to my being

#tanka #gogyohka momentarily parting the curtains and opening the patio door night air comes rushing in

#tanka #gogyohka tonight no mist but the falling of night-sprinkler water i am striving to really move forward in life

#tanka #gogyohka tonight preparing to run the Sabbath service readings... a dm message from the inmate that piques my interest

#tanka #gogyohka someone inside of me is weeping— maple colored leaves turning in dark-wind this Sabbath evening

#tanka #gogyohka read in a tanka 'what is the color of loneliness' i notice its the color of my skin