The Witch

The moon whispers
of spells & secrets
of ancient rituals
of the lands beyond
It called her by a name
The name deep within
The one no one had known
The one from centuries past
And she had changed
She would never be the same
She understood the charge
She now would begin

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I see your struggle
Beneath the facade
The hidden fears
Empty solitudes
The quest for peace
But it’s all an illusion
Of your own device

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To the Moon and Back

I’d travel to the moon and back‬
‪To watch you wake at dawn‬
‪To see you cuddle in our blankets‬
‪To rumple up your hair‬

‪But time can’t change the craters‬
‪The endless tears or scars‬
‪The void that stands between us‬
‪The emptiness we share‬

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Fragile life

Watching death.
#Fragile life, deteriorate.
Strangers place her clothes curbside.

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Locked in a Cage

Deep beneath your surface
Where no one else can see
Your heart, locked in a cage
You threw away the key
I will never give up
Never…can’t you see
Relentless I will love you
Your heart, I will set free

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Tears On A Window Pane

Tears of dew drops
On the window pane
The sleep’s night
Fulfills a promise
My dreams take me
To where you are
Only the morning whispers
Silences your breath
As stirs of life
Awaken my heavy heart
To another day without you

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memories of pain
is assured by the cactus
dancing in my yard

r soos

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Cheerful smiles
Joyful hearts

Serenades you with gleeful tunes
Breeds an infectious mirth

Just listen to sounds of merriment ringing in air🎶

(180 Characters incl spaces)