Cold and flu are virus
So you’d better wash your hands
They might get inside us
Who knows where that stuff lands

(118 characters incl. spaces)



Air to breathe
water to drink
arms to hold
hearts to sync
eyes to see
songs to sing
mind to reflect
on what thoughts bring.

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To share my times
In little rhymes
that left my tongue
since I was young
is content terse
in micro verse
& length enough
for lots of stuff.

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Come the Present

When sun & moon
are crossing paths
& dreamers wake
as others sleep
the Past & Future
secrets toll
& Present becomes
ours to keep.

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Shotgun Wedding

A shotgun wedding’s rushed groom
With nowhere left to hide
Ingests a magic mushroom
To tolerate his bride

(111 characters incl. spaces)



A delight can be warm
In any which form
As long as the whine
Is frozen in wine
And served in a goblet
With chocolate

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