Locked in a Cage

Deep beneath your surface
Where no one else can see
Your heart, locked in a cage
You threw away the key
I will never give up
Never…can’t you see
Relentless I will love you
Your heart, I will set free

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Your words of love
Shine like diamonds
Across the scorching sands
A rare collection
For which I thirst
For which I crave

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Make up smudged

She took her glass and sippd,
Tried 2 wlk and trippd.
Her make up smudged, hair a st8.
What she saw woz blurrd,
When she spke she slurrd,
Drunk again, how gr8.

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Steps on the scales

Steps on the scales, she’s lost a pound.
not enough (she thinks her bellys round).
diet, pills, excersise. shes tried it.
she thinks she’s fat, she’s anorexic.

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A DHL sprinter

A DHL sprinter
radi8s in d drive
enterin d bedr%m
d lite catches d silver hoop in his ear
blu winged buterflies
flutr in my stomach
Comores aftershav

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You whisper

u whispa
dis is a quiet town
i stare unemotional
@d groynes standn winswept
amidst d darknd turqoise tide
my pupils drip blk pigmnt
stainin ur f%tstps in d sand

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