I miss the days when the wind carried our laughter with it. It must have taken you along with it, to a place where the laughter lives.

(134 Characters incl spaces)


The Witch

The moon whispers
of spells & secrets
of ancient rituals
of the lands beyond
It called her by a name
The name deep within
The one no one had known
The one from centuries past
And she had changed
She would never be the same
She understood the charge
She now would begin

(268 Characters incl spaces)



Falling slow
in motion
like the ocean
rolling waves
splashing crashing
over & over
currents undertow
coming back
w/ the flow

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Release Me

Close your eyes
Release me as though I could fly away.
As though the birds could come back,
The black would become white and I the colors of the rainbow.
Release that into your wind as breath.

(192 Characters incl spaces)


The Sea

I look at the sea,
feeling it within my veins.

What percentage of me
is ocean, trapped inland
by flesh –

a landscape that can
foster life and
begin creation?

(164 Characters incl spaces)




the seed sprouts
there is a moment of doubt
was all that work preparing
the soil worth the pain

(104 Characters incl spaces)


We hurry…

Through afternoons of
Going home across moist
blackness. This day finished.
Another piece of the puzzle gone.

(127 Characters incl spaces)