Memorial Day 2014

polished black granite
mirrors blue sky
and one old man
chatting with
brave friends lost
waiting for their reunion
echoes of yesterday

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My heart missed a beat

First time we met
My heart missed a beat.
I am still looking for it
in the lost&found section
of this deserted station,
ice-cold as this steel
holding me still

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Tomorrow, looking back….

Maybe #tomorrow
when memories fade
we’ll long to return
to yesterday….
Maybe the sun was
shining that day
and maybe there was
no rain.

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a blanket
of memories
(my brother’s

over my head
as he dangled
me upside-down)

suffocates more
with its woven
fabric of alone

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When the wind is blowing, your scent is what I inhale with my next breath.
It’s purity is no longer found, because you refuse to be forgotten.

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Withered Rose
Old n dry
Petals rest
At your feet
Scent lost
Waiting to die
Memories of
Past by
Tear wells
In your eye…

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Mind Field

Painful memories
buried in my mind
some explosive,
I don’t want to find
So I fear each step
for I’m walking blind
and am on terrain
that has been well mined
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