what was going through your head when you met me?

what were you thinking?

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In a room for rent another year ending! I dressed in black, went out and gifted myself a large puzzle on that surreal Catalan land; I solved it as my homeland.

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Desire fades away

Dreams and desire
Somewhere there is also a figment of an imagination
Everything seems like an illusion
Time flies
Desire fades away
Memories remain

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already rotten

the cemetery is covered
with night and silence
she lies on the grave
pressing her face
into the moist ground
her sweetheart is already rotten
and heaven is a faraway place

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As it was…

As it was with warriors of old –
slaughtering wild beasts
for their wives & children,
to sustain them
& prove themselves –

so it is with you;
carrying the corpses of spiders
on the soles of your feet,
in sacrifice to me
& my phobia.

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In Memoriam

Knowing not where to begin,
And just how hard it all has been;
We will always feel within,
The love and grace of Marilyn

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