Bloodstained words
Drift on a crinkly page,
Conjuring up a narrative
Of wars and romance.

(89 Characters incl spaces)



My heartache,
Will never let me scape
From this decision to take,
About this love too fake

(92 Characters incl spaces)



Later on, it was realized love is the only thing that remains in life all the time
Odds and opportunity are part of life
Will remain in life

(140 Characters incl spaces)


already rotten

the cemetery is covered
with night and silence
she lies on the grave
pressing her face
into the moist ground
her sweetheart is already rotten
and heaven is a faraway place

(175 Characters incl spaces)


As it was…

As it was with warriors of old –
slaughtering wild beasts
for their wives & children,
to sustain them
& prove themselves –

so it is with you;
carrying the corpses of spiders
on the soles of your feet,
in sacrifice to me
& my phobia.

(248 Characters incl spaces)


My Faith

I still hang on to your promise.
Years have passed & died.
I know you still crawl & claw
towards its fulfillment —
& that it’s not yet broken.

(144 Characters incl spaces)


In Memoriam

Knowing not where to begin,
And just how hard it all has been;
We will always feel within,
The love and grace of Marilyn

(123 Characters incl spaces)