The Start

In the summer warmth of a London sun
runners anticipate the sound of the gun
Athletes perform, it’s a gold they seek
stripped of modernity like an ancient Greek

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London breathes in the world’s colours,
Streets pulse with each flag’s wave,
Nothing stops in the heated motion, frozen in anticipation of The Games.

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London Olympiad

Hearts on fire
Testing Skill
Champions Desire

Flags Joy all the Medals
Run Jump Fastest on Pedals

Torch is Ablaze
London 2012
Amazing Days

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London 2012 the world will unite,
athletes will fight and show their bite,
the aim is gold,
but truth be told,
any GB medal will be a sight to behold

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Mind the Gap

Have the Olympic Committee made a major boob?
Spectators will deserve a medal for going on the tube.

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