days gone by
why so much pain
a friendship strong
now silent & gone

how are you?
love you too!
echos beyond time
voices we remember

a shattered heart’s cry
imbued with sadness
one by one
yellow petals fall
from old dry roses
swept far away..
memories yesterdays

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v a l u e s

i would rather walk this world alone then with people who value our friendship.

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Seeing Blind

I’ve seen the ugly ending
The road to Babylon
The happy children crying
The tired and the lone
Why can’t we help each other
Our brothers and our kin
The blind helping the blind
And let us build again

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United We Stand

One by one each one of you needs to understand and also realize that everyone of you belongs to the team
It’s always team effort that will make us win the game.

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Satalite friend

Sputnik, my friend,
that’s what the boys called him,
always high, see? Back then
Now They don’t call him anything,
no time, my friend

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