An Endless Search

Live life according to what you want
Be yourself
Always be a part of what you want in life
Sooner or later the rest will follow
Time heals everything in life.

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Falling slow
in motion
like the ocean
rolling waves
splashing crashing
over & over
currents undertow
coming back
w/ the flow

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Heathen Accent

Watching you with the kids we shoulda had
seeing you pour your heart out over those tiny heathens that we shoulda had
and you know it, too
every-one hates sour grapes

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the magnificent holy knot
I wish I could be that lucky lad
no I’m not
destiny has so much for me
that too but you….!!!-28.11.2016

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Fragile life

Watching death.
#Fragile life, deteriorate.
Strangers place her clothes curbside.

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For a Moment or So

Winds change their direction
Thoughts now entirely rest and depend upon intentions
It’s a way of life
It’s a part of life
It’s there in life
It remains there for a moment or so
However, it makes it’s presence felt

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