Come sit with me
here on the grass

We will speak of childhood
spread our shoulders wide

and ignore the fingers of shadows
at our backs

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…Momma Said

…Momma said~be strong~independent~and loving~always a Southern Lady first~but there are times~even a Lady just has to~CUSS! ©

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Monkey Boy (Gogyoka Poem)

Monkey boy with your G.I. Joe toys;
you have worlds to explore
and explore you will do
as you grown into a monkey man;
then I’ll have two, your dad and you.

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A Family Competition

Hurling bodies against time & space, Olympians strain humanity’s limits & each her/his own, higher, faster, further, like relatives in a friendly competition.

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Light spills

Light spills
on wooden beams,
father returns from d sea
swings d door a little2hard
Armful of poppies
lie beside mother
as she turnd his kiss to her cool cheek.

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Laundry day

Flap of sheets like birds.
Mother and daughter
hold sheets by the corners,
hands graze as they make folds
like girls country dancing in the barn.

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