Seeing Blind

I’ve seen the ugly ending
The road to Babylon
The happy children crying
The tired and the lone
Why can’t we help each other
Our brothers and our kin
The blind helping the blind
And let us build again

(199 Characters incl spaces)



I was born
You were born
You went your way
I went mine
We both grew older
I joined an army
So did you
Then our paths crossed
You shot me…🍎

(141 Characters incl spaces)



a blanket
of memories
(my brother’s

over my head
as he dangled
me upside-down)

suffocates more
with its woven
fabric of alone

(127 characters incl. spaces)



I followd behind
always lookin up
copyin ur actions
wantin ur approval
I grew 2 i level
bt still look up
& still eagerly
search out ur face
wth each step I take

(160 characters incl. spaces)