To the Moon and Back

I’d travel to the moon and back‬
‪To watch you wake at dawn‬
‪To see you cuddle in our blankets‬
‪To rumple up your hair‬

‪But time can’t change the craters‬
‪The endless tears or scars‬
‪The void that stands between us‬
‪The emptiness we share‬

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Heathen Accent

Watching you with the kids we shoulda had
seeing you pour your heart out over those tiny heathens that we shoulda had
and you know it, too
every-one hates sour grapes

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she loves attention
until you give all of yourself
then she is tired

r soos

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Who cares

Helpless like a child
I cry but there’s no mother–
my pain turns monstrous
on a hilly bed I lie
aged burden but who cares

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(175 Characters incl spaces)


Kids Without a Care

for being for living
skateboarding in a building
blocking a car
going far
having a drink
not old enough
do they care
do they mind
who are they

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cloudburst over
no sound on tin roofs
but cuckoo song
children gather at street
a corner of sunshine

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Seeing Blind

I’ve seen the ugly ending
The road to Babylon
The happy children crying
The tired and the lone
Why can’t we help each other
Our brothers and our kin
The blind helping the blind
And let us build again

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As it was…

As it was with warriors of old –
slaughtering wild beasts
for their wives & children,
to sustain them
& prove themselves –

so it is with you;
carrying the corpses of spiders
on the soles of your feet,
in sacrifice to me
& my phobia.

(248 Characters incl spaces)